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  Thank you for finding this house for us!

Now we can spend the rest of our lives (or so we hope) in the house you found for us!

Every time I am in this house I'll remember you forever and how big your heart is.   Because of you we have one problem not to worry about and we can spent the Christmas in a warm place with a great turkey dinner!  You may think that you haven't done a lot but you have.

We will remember you always and what you've done for my family.  In the future I wish you great luck in your hopes and dreams.

I know you don't know me much but I hope your life is as great as I wish!!

God bless you!



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To all Murdoch Management Staff,

We can't thank you enough for what your company has done for our Co-op. The time you've taken to make our building feel like home will never be forgotten!

With much gratitude,

The Board of Directors of Charles Cathedral Housing Co-op.

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To the Weston Residents Housing Co-op Board,

I just want to thank Murdoch Management and the Board members for pushing so hard for me getting my house painted. I literally cried with tears of joy when I heard Ben say those words on my answering machine. I was telling everyone how it meant so much to me, to live in a great place such as Murdoch Management (Weston Residents Housing Co-op). Where they go to the moon and back just to help you in any way they possibly can. If I wasn't living here, I have no idea where I would be living as I has some really bad set backs in the last year. But not only last year but in the 14 years living here, I had many also in that time too. I really appreciate Murdoch Management, the Board of directors and all of my Co-Op members and neighbours. This is not just part of town but a good community of good people, neighbours helping neighbours and where children can grow up and you know that someone is always watching out for your children. I know I haven't grown up in this neighbourhood, but I feel I have and hopefully I can continue doing so.

Thank you all so much. Tracey Witwicki

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This letter is in regard to Murdoch Management Inc. They have been managing Kanata Housing Corp since February 1991. They have been very beneficial to our Corporation, which by the way is a government subsidized housing project for native families. I strongly recommend Murdoch Management. Doug and his associates have done nothing but good for our Corporation.

They have basically put us back on the right track, when initially we would have been taken over by the Government. Now as it stands we are in very good standing with both the Provincial and Federal Governments.

They have exceptional management skills, as well, have a very good working relationship with all of our tenants. I personally have a very good relationship with Murdoch Management as well as the rest of the Directors.


Margaret Moar, President, Kanata Housing Corporation.

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Murdoch Management has provided solid, dependable management to the Weston Residents Housing Cooperative for many years. I have lived in the Co-op for five years and have been actively involved with the Board of Directors for four years. Murdoch Management has not only provided management, guidance and direction, but there is also a personal level that allows them to take extra steps in helping whenever possible. I have enjoyed working closely with Murdoch Management during my time on the Board.

Leanne Neville, President, Weston Residents Housing Co-op.

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To whom it may concern,

The Columbus Centennial Centre, 410 DeSalaberry Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, a Knights of Columbus sponsored Centre, of which I was the President at the time, pursued the matter of building a Senior's Non Profit Housing Corporation to fulfill the requirements of a land agreement with the City of Winnipeg.

In 1988 I contacted Mr. Douglas Leeies, President of Acorn Development Consultants Ltd., who previously had some nine years of experience in the employment of The Manitoba Housing Corporation.  Our Board retained Acorn as our Development Consultants to pursue the building of a six storey, seventy (70) suite, seniors non profit housing corporation adjoining the Columbus Centennial Centre, which became known as Columbus House.

Mr. Leeies successfully arranged all of the financing through the Manitoba Housing authority and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.  Mr. Leeies assisted us in the procurement of Architectural, Legal and Construction services required and successfully rezoned the property, received approval of all necessary permits including approval from the City of Winnipeg "Rivers and Streams Authority" (the building was constructed on the banks of the Red River).  Acorn also marketed the entire project and prepared a detailed management and operational manual for our Corporation.   In fact he also offers a Property Management Fee for Service!

The Project was completed and officially opened on April 24th 1990.

Mr. Leeies has been the consultant for a number of other Knights of Columbus Projects in Manitoba.  The St. Michael's Villa (57 seniors Life Lease apartments), the Winnipeg River Manor (18 seniors life lease apartments), the Southward Villa (27 seniors life lease apartments) and the St. Vital Knights Villa (96 seniors apartments) are now in operation. Acorn has recently received approval to proceed with two other K of C Projects.

Acorn has successfully completed a further sixteen Projects on behalf of its Non Profit clients.  In addition to these Non Profit Projects, Mr. Leeies and his Corporation are also developing a variety of residential resources specific to assist Non Profit Housing in Canada.

Mr. Leeies is a competent and experienced Consultant, specializing in Non Profit Housing Projects.

Our Board found him to be a very diligent, patient but persistant negotiator with all and sundry involved in such projects to assure the best possible results.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Doug Leeies, President of Acorn Development Consultants Ltd., to act on behalf of a Seniors Non Profit Housing Project, particularly with his experience on both sides of such an operation.

Yours sincerely,

J.C. Stangl, KSG CM

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To whom it may concern,

Re: Murdoch Management Inc.

As Past President (1996 - 1998) of the Korean Society of Manitoba, and Director (seven years) and Past President (1993 - 1995) of the Korean Canadian Housing Corporation, and as current Chairman of the Board of the Korean Society of Manitoba, I have had the pleasure of working continuously with Murdoch Management since 1993.

During this time Murdoch Management has delivered to us a consistently high level of property management services. Murdoch has clearly demonstrated it can operate under severe pressure and deal promptly and efficiently in the event of emergencies. Murdoch Management is also well liked by our residents and their fairness in dealing with tenants has served us well. In addition, Murdoch has willingly contributed much time and effort to our organization and to our community at large most of which was above and beyond their scope of work.

Murdoch continues to demonstrate a commitment and exceedingly high degree of professionalism from which our organization has benefited greatly.

Our Project was developed by Acorn Development Consultants, Murdoch Management's sister company. We have benefited greatly from the continuity made available by having the Developers and Property Managers one and the same organization.

I would recommend Murdoch Management or Acorn Development Consultants to any non profit organization seeking to develop a Project such as ours.

Yours sincerely,

Bong Jae Yim

Chairman, Korean Society of Manitoba

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To Whom it may concern,

Re: Murdoch Management and MAPS Housing Co-op.

Murdoch Management has been involved with our Co-op for over ten years.

Throughout this time, Murdoch has managed us in an exceedingly professional manner. Murdoch has also demonstrated a continual willingness to go "above and beyond" their role as property managers to assist the Co-op with special unforeseen needs which have arisen from time to time.

During my time on the Board of Directors serving both as a Director and President, I have had first hand experience of Murdoch Management going "above and beyond" and of the terrific working relationship Murdoch has with the Co-op Board and our Members.

I would highly recommend Murdoch Management as an exceptional property management company to any housing project looking for management.

Cooperatively yours

MAPS Housing Co-op Ltd.


Les Toth, President

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We have been extremely fortunate in having Murdoch Management Inc. as our Property Managers since the beginning of ALPHA HOUSE.  I say "since the beginning" because Doug Leeies and his company (Acorn), acted as an advisor to the founding members while the concept of Alpha House was still a dream.  He was instrumental in assisting the Board in developing the proposal that went to Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation's "Next Step Programme" which provided us with the funds to purchase our building.

Alpha House is an apartment building with many special features.  Doug Leeies and his staff understand and support our Mission and respect our need for security.  Over the years they have gone beyond their contract in assisting us keeping the building in good repair, handling the day-to-day problems, collecting the rents, and paying the bills.  They help us with our budgeting and provide the Board of Directors with regular financial information.  The company has grown and expanded over the years, but we have not been neglected not set aside - and still feel treated as special customers.  Tammy has taken on many extras with a personal touch - thanks to Doug for allowing this to happen.

Many thanks from all of us to everyone at Murdoch Management.

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