Kenora Name Southward Villa Mgmt Murdoch Management Inc.
CATEGORY Street 202 - 6th Street South Street 757 Henderson Highway
Non Profit Life Lease City Kenora City Winnipeg
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Prov ON PO NA Prov MB PO R2K 2K7
Contact Main Office Tel 204-982-2000 or (toll free 1-800-543-6118)
Fax 204-669-4509 E-Mail
Newly constructed.  Overlooking the Lake of the Woods in Kenora,  "God's Country".  Located in the Lakeside neighbourhood conveniently close to shopping and downtown Kenora.  Twenty-seven 1 and 2 bed suites in a variety of layouts in a five storey concrete and masonry building.  Refundable Entrance Fees and not-for-profit operating costs for the life of the Project.  We have an active social group and all life lease tenants are members of the Corporation.  We elect our own Board of Directors.
DETAIL Description Units Sq.Ft. Ent.Fee


Included In Monthly Rental Other Amenities
Style 1 2/3 bed type A/B 4 1158 call for details. call for details. The rents can be reduced substantially by contributing additional refundable Entrance Fees...ask for details.  Rents are "all inclusive" except cable, phone and parking. We have free laundry on each floor although all 2 beds are equipped for en-suite laundry. We have a large main floor lounge and smaller fireplace lounge area which serves as a multi-purpose room along with a kitchen, a games room, and common storage.
Style 2 2 bed type C/D 19 970 call for details. call for details.
Style 3 1 bed A 4 728 call for details. call for details.
Style 4 NA NA NA NA NA
Style 5 NA NA NA NA NA
Style 6 NA NA NA NA NA
Style 7 NA NA NA NA NA

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