Winnipeg Name Weston Residents Housing Coop Mgmt Murdoch Management Inc.
CATEGORY Street Scattered Locations Street 757 Henderson Highway
Cooperative Family Housing City Winnipeg City Winnipeg
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Prov MB PO R2K 2K7 Prov MB PO R2K 2K7
Contact Main Office Tel 982-2000 or toll free 1-800-543-6118
Fax 204-669-4509 E-Mail
This neighbourhood housing co-op has 39 homes in various locations in the Weston community. All units have been Architecturally designed and feature ground oriented back and front access. Most units have been designed as side by sides with sleeping and bathing accommodation on the second level, living dining and kitchen on the main floor and laundry/storage in the full basement. The cooperative can offer subsidized rent to eligible applicants. We are proud of our co-op and its achievements and require that all members acknowledge and respect our rules and regulations.

We have an active membership with Spring Garage Sale, Garden Festival, Summer Barbeque and Children's Christmas Party being some of the highlights.

DETAIL Description Units Sq.Ft. Ent.Fee


Included In Monthly Rental Other Amenities
Style 1 1 bed 2 730 610 RGI **All rents are based upon the income (RGI) of qualifying applicants.  As a guide, rents are approximately 27% of the gross household income.   Please call for details and an application. The cooperative offers its members the use of a resource centre complete with computer system, internet access, library and space for "buddy system child minding".
Style 2 2 bed 18 890 610 RGI
Style 3 3 bed 13 1,100 610 RGI
Style 4 4 bed 6 1,300 610 RGI
Style 5 NA NA NA NA NA
Style 6 NA NA NA NA NA
Style 7 NA NA NA NA NA

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