Winnipeg Name Westminster Housing Co-operative Mgmt Murdoch Management Inc.
CATEGORY Street 145 Maryland Street Street 757 Henderson Highway
Cooperative Family Housing City Winnipeg City Winnipeg
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Prov MB PO NA Prov MB PO ReK 2K7
Contact Main Office Tel 204-982-2000 or (toll free 1-800-543-6118)
Fax 204-669-4509 E-Mail
We are a housing cooperative located on Maryland Street close to the Miericordia Hospital.  Our cooperative has a very strong and active membership who partificate in the many organized co-op events.  We have a "zero tolerance" policy for any form of violence.  In our co-op, consideration for others is paramount.  We have lots of fun with our children, especially during summer, Hallowe'en and Christmas celebrations.
DETAIL Description Units Sq.Ft. Ent.Fee


Included In Monthly Rental Other Amenities
Style 1 1 bed (mobility) 3 623 NA RGI All rents are "Rents Geared To Income". Parking is $15./month. NA
Style 2 1 bed 3 639 NA RGI
Style 3 2 bed 13 878-995 NA RGI
Style 4 3 bed townhouse 1 1400 NA RGI
Style 5 3 bed 12 1085-1115 NA RGI
Style 6 4 bed townhouse 3 1250-1400 NA RGI
Style 7 NA NA NA NA NA

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