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There are many forms of Cooperatives, some dating back as far back as the mid-1800's. The first cooperative was formed in Scotland in the "Industrial Revolution" Mill Town of New Lanark (this "New Town" has been preserved in all its' glory).

Cooperatives exist throughout the World. Check out information on Cooperatives in Europe and North America by region at: or visit the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada at:

Cooperatives by nature are Non Profit. A Cooperative is formed to provide a Service to its Members, not to generate profit and income.  Normally, any "surplus" in operations is returned to the user of the service (Members) by way of a dividend or invested back into the project.

The Housing Co-ops listed on our "Project Gallery" were either developed by Acorn or are managed by Murdoch Management (or both).

If you care to contact us regarding any of these Housing Cooperatives, please feel free to do so. Applications for each Co-op will be available to download in our applications section.

Image: Park City Meadows Housing Co-op, Winnipeg.




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